ACP 5080 Casting Aluminum Sheet Ultra Flatness

The surface milling on both sides to very close thickness tolerance standard. Good grain structure, low porosity and excellent machining characteristics all determine the cost savings and value-added properties of ACP 5080. Superb material dimensional stability are inherent in all plate of ACP 5080. Due to the proprietary processes ad manufacturing control, our flatness and thickness tolerance are industry leading, predictable and precise.

ACP 5080

Chemical composition EN AW-50083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7)Acc. to DIN EN 573-3/3.3547
Material Properties
Machinability Very good (HSC/HPS excellent)
Weldability (TIG, MIG) Good (with S Al 5183)
Anodizing Properties Good, not decorative
Polishing Very good
Corrosion Resistance Very good
Eroding Properties Good
Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 240-290MPa(N/mm²)
0.2% Yield Strength 110-130 MPa(N/mm²)
Elongation A 5% 15
Brinell Hardness (HB) 70
Typical Physical Properties
Density 2.66g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity 110-140 W(Mk)
Electrical Conductivity 16`19 MS/m (m/Ω mm²)
Modulus of Elasticity ~70,000 N/ mm²
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 24.2*10^-6/K
Thickness Range & Size
Plates and pre-cut size between 5mm and 100mm are available in the following dimensions
Thickness Max. Width Length
≥5mm 1320mm 3020mm (up to 6000mm)
≥5mm 1520mm 3020mm (up to 6000mm)
≥10mm 1570mm 3670mm (up to 6000mm)
≥15mm 2160mm 4000mm (up to 6000mm)
(Blanks, rings and pre-cut sizes on request.)
Width>2160mm: Please see the product information for ACP 5080 GIANT/ ACP 5080R GIANT)
Surface Finish ≤0.3μm
Thickness ±0.1mm
Flatness Thickness 6-12mm ≤0.40mmThickness 12-100mm ≤0.13mm
Width for Plate 0/+10mm
Length for Plate 0/+15mm
Cutting Size (L/W) DIN ISO 2768-m (closer on request)


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