CNC Machine

CNC Business Brief

Our company’s main business includes precision mechanical parts processing, precision CNC machining, semiconductor cavity rough processing, etc. required by customers in high-end industries such as aircraft parts, auto parts, semiconductors, new energy, etc. Possess a variety of aluminum alloys, copper alloys, bowl alloys, steel parts and other material processing technologies, purchase several sets of precision CNC processing equipment, and then cooperate with skilled talents who have been immersed in related industries for many years to operate related equipment.

Equipment Overview (1)
Equipment Overview (2)

Equipment Overview

Vertical Machining Center

The company is equipped with professional sawing, drilling and milling equipment for metal materials, which can be used for rough and fine processing of 2600mm materials. 14 sets of vertical machining centers and 2600mm long gantry machining centers can meet various high-precision and quality requirements of customers.

Machine Series
VMC76011/85011/1000 11 /120011/1300Il
·High rigidity
·High shock resistance
·High precision
·High thermal stability
·High dynamic response

Vertical Machining Center (1)
Vertical Machining Center (2)
Vertical Machining Center (3)

Five-axis Machining Center

Whether it is parts processing that requires micron-level dimensional accuracy, mirror surface processing that requires Nano-level surface roughness, or efficient composite processing of metal parts, five-axis high-speed machining center is competent.

Five-axis Machining Center

Three-axis Machining Center

The machining workshop is equipped with an advanced three-axis high-speed machining center with various configuration options to meet different production needs. Various types of spindles can be selected to adapt to tool magazines with different capacities to meet the needs of different processing scenarios and ensure the quality of precision processing. An on-machine inspection system can be configured to quantify the status of machine tools, cutlery and work pieces in precision machining. Fully closed-loop control system is adopted to ensure the motion accuracy of the machine tool and achieve micron-level machining accuracy.

Three-axis Machining Center

Inspection Equipment Center

We have advanced testing equipment. The main instruments are: three coordinates imported from Japan, two-dimensional image measuring instrument, flaw detector and other measuring tools, combined with SPC automatic data evaluation system, to meet the high-precision quality requirements of high-end customers, and can effectively avoid uncontrollable risks in the production process.

Inspection Equipment  (3)