ACP 5080 Precision Aluminum Plate Ultra Flatness Surface

Cutting data display
Thickness tolerance AA Grade ±0.05mm, A Grade ±0.1mm. Flatness ≤0.3mm/mete. Equipped with several semi-automatic / automatic precision cutting equipment in the workshop. The cutting plate thickness range is 4mm~100mm, the maximum plate size is 2200*6000mm. Cutting deformation are very small, effectively improve the rate of finished products. The plate size can be customized with customer requirements.
Surface Luminosity
Surface with polish above 400 mesh, customer can directly anodize, no need to milling surface, which can save the processing time.
Thickness tolerance
Thickness tolerance can touch 0.0mm or +0.05mm, it can completely replace the imported aluminum plate from German and Japan.
Precision cutting
Better production process, effectively improve the rate of finished products, reduce wasting.
Residual elasticity
Cutting deformation are very small, better than normal T651 material. Due to better heat treatment and anneal process, the internal elasticity is small.
Compared with ordinary materials
 Ordinary aluminum plate  Ultra-flat aluminum plate
Thickness tolerance For work with strict thickness tolerance, thicker plate are required for complex and time-consuming process before cutting. Thickness tolerance are very high, no need to cutting separately, and no need to milling the surface, it can drastic reduce the processing cost and time。
Flat accuracy The thicker plate with low flat accuracy not only increase cutting cost, but also need processing from thicker plate. With excellent flatness, maximum with 0.05mm/㎡, it can reduce the cutting cost also the processing time and salary.
Residual elasticity It was easily deformation during processing due to the big residual elasticity, shall add the process of elastic release annealing. With low deformation after process, no need release internal elastic, leveling and other treatment. It can reduce the cost and improve efficiency.



It is used in the circuit aluminum substrate panel of electronic products or machinery. The flatness difference of aluminum substrate panel in each step of production process, including raw materials. It is easily to cause inaccurate of stamping dimensions due to the bending of the ordinary aluminum plate during the stamping process, which increases production costs, Ultra-flat plate greatly reduces production costs.


Ultra-flatness aluminum plates are widely used in precision instruments, which can be processed into soft pack power battery fixtures, 3C soft pack digital battery fixture forming (assembly) equipment, and related precision battery fixtures, especially in the field of new energy.


The features of the ultra-flatness aluminum plate make more machining companies willing to choose it when processing precision parts, which can well guarantee the size and accuracy of the finished product after processing, and greatly reduce the scrap rate during processing, and improve the qualified rate of finished products.


Other applications like packaging machinery platform, automated machinery platform, 3D printer, inspection equipment, standard panel, detector, robot arm chassis, etc. Ultra-flat panels can solve the products disqualified problems caused by flatness not touch standard, so they are very popular in the industrial field.


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